NFDI4BIOIMAGE's Help Desk Concept

NFDI4BIOMAGE supports researchers in microscopy data handling and research data management for bioimage analysis. A team of Data Stewards who have various specific fields of expertise around bioimaging are available to help researchers from the bioimaging community. 

What can I receive support for?

Any topic related to bioimaging data management. This might range from a question about metadata annotations, how to chose a file format, which repository is suitable to deposit data upon publication to questions around image analysis and connecting software. Also broader concerns about implementing a data management system or writing a data management plan can be addressed to our team.

What will the Data Stewardship Team do for me?

Our goal is "capacitating the community" rather than "taking over for the community". Our support measures are hence dedicated to help you find the right answers, make the right connections, and choose the right tools for your need. The discrete actions from our Data Stewardship team depend on your use case. They can be:

  • Answering your question and pointing to useful tools and resources.
  • Helping you to understand tools and resources, and apply them in your practical work.
  • Moderating a discussion about special cases for you within the wider, international community (e.g., via the forum
  • On-premise support or workshops for your use case and your colleagues.
  • Identify if your case could become a Community Use Case, a formalized collaboration between you and partners in NFDI4BIOIMAGE, for which person hours and resources from the consortium can be allocated. For this topic, learn more about the Community Use Case Concept.

What does the Help Desk service cost?

Support from the NFDI4BIOIMAGE Help Desk is free of charge for researchers from Germany (due to the Germany-based funding). International researchers may contact us, too. We can discuss options. Note that NFDI4BIOIMAGE is not a legally independent entity. Collaboration is formally between the use cases and the affiliated institutions of the individual DaSt team members.

How do I know if the Data Stewardship Team can help in my specific case?

Our team discussed your request internally and will reach out to you to clarify details. On a per case basis, it is decided who's expertise fits best to your request. If the request is out of scope for NFDI4BIOIMAGE, our team will help you find a better suited contact partner.

How do I contact the Help Desk?

Please use the Help Desk contact form here. Our team will review your request and get in contact with you within a few days to discuss next steps.