Project goals and Task Areas

A description of the four main objectives, the NFDI4BIOIMAGE consortium intends to achieve

Our consortium's work programme serves four main objectives:

  • Champion the standardization of the "bioimage data type"
  • Provide scalable infrastructure for FAIR bioimage data
  • Maximize the reach of reproducible image analysis workflows in the community
  • Capacitate researchers for FAIR bioimage data management

Task Areas

The work programme is structured into six Task Areas (TA). Four technical Task Areas work on advancing existing and developing novel solutions for bioimage data management. Two organizational Task Areas focus on the project goverance and, importantly, community integration and training to capactitate researchers for bioimage data management.

Each Task Area is headed by two or three leading scientists from our Co-Applicant institutions.

Overview of the six Task Areas with the names and images of the Task Area leaders