The NFDI4BIOIMAGE Community Help Desk

Receive support from our Data Stewardship Team

The NFDI4BIOIMAGE Help Desk is the point of contact for researchers and research-associated staff working with bioimaging data to request for support with bioimaging data management. Our team of Data Stewards will review your request and contact you within a couple of days. We will discuss with you and our network which could be the optimal way to support you.

Help Desk support can mean supporting you in several ways:

  • Pointing to relevant resources and solutions you might not have been aware of yet
  • Helping to moderate help requests within the broader community (e.g.,
  • Discussing and supporting a local solution for your case
  • Integrating you as a Community Use Case partner within NFDI4BIOIMAGE's work.

Here, you can read more about the Help Desk Concept.
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