A consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure

The acronym NFDI4BIOIMAGE stands for National Research Data Infrastructure for Bioimaging Data (Microscopy and Image Analysis). We are a consortium under the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) framework. As such, we are working on solutions that enable researchers in bioimaging to handle, store, share, and reuse bioimaging data. We build a network for the data and help establish best practices for data management nationally and internationally. All partners collaborate to achieve the goals of our work programme, and the involved institutions have distinct roles in the consortium.

The consortium's Spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters, HHU Düsseldorf.
See Consortium members for details.
For general inquiries, contact the Project Office.

To achieve the work programme goals, we have formed cross-institutional teams:
The Data Stewardship Team builds up the expertise and the capacity to support the wider bioimaging community in Germany in discrete use cases or with specific data management concerns.
The Research Software Engineers Team is creates new solutions for bioimage data managment that are interoperable and integrated with the existing technology landscape in the national and international research communities.

Partner instiutions and organizations who are not formally members of the consortium can work with us as Community Use Case partners testing our deliverables and supporting iterative feedback and improvement. Together, we work toward better bioimaging research data managment making compliance with the FAIR data principles easier.