The NFDI4BIOIMAGE Data Stewardship Team

Get to know our task force for community support!

Our consortium offers support for bioimaging data management within the scientific community. No matter what your field of research is, we're here to support handling data acquired with microscopes. To do so, NFDI4BIOIMAGE has formed a Data Stewardship Team addressing your needs - from the community for the community.

To contact our Data Stewards Team for support in bioimaging data management, please use the Help Desk.

Who are the Data Stewards (DaSts)?

All NFDI4BIOIMAGE Data Stewards are scientists from different research fields with a focus on bioimaging. Within NFDI4BIOIMAGE, they work in different Task Areas and bundle their knowledge and expertise as the DaSt team. Thus, the DaSt team can offer community support for a wide range of cases. If required, our DaSt team will help finding additional contact partners (e.g., in other NFDI consortia). Here, we introduce the team: