Bioimaging data published with support from NFDI4BIOIMAGE

(information in parenthesis indicates where the data is published)

  • Julia Nöth, Stefan Scholz, Wibke Busch, Tamara Tal, Chih Lai, Akhil Ambekar, Riccardo Massei (2023). Analysis of vascular disruption in zebrafish embryos as an endpoint to predict developmental toxicity - High Content Screening Raw Data (OBI/WIK strain). BioStudies, S-BIAD954.
    (BioImage Archive)
  • In vivo application of a glutaraldehyde-free, UVA/riboflavin cross-linked bovine pericardium confirms suitability for cardiovascular substitutes (
    (OMERO instance of Dresden Technical University)
  • Alina Üffing, Lisa Gold, Thomas Gensch, Oliver H. Weiergräber, Silke Hoffmann, Dieter Willbold (2023). Highlighting the hidden: A tagging strategy for monitoring the association of GABARAP with microtubules in living cells. BioStudies, S-BIAD952.
    (BioImage Archive)