The consortium members will publish all tangible results as open-source publications for the reuse and application in practice. The deliverables are being released over the course of the project. We will collect results here, but also inform about new results through news pages and the newsletter.

Progress on the interoperability between ARC (annotated research context) and the image data management system OMERO

ARC is an ISA-based metadata standard developed in the plant sciences community by the consortium DataPLANT. For image data, we work collaboratively on the interoperability between ARC and the well-established image data management system OME Remote Objects (OMERO). To this end, two hackathons took place in November, and December 2023, resulting in a first extended documentation on advancing OMERO and ARC interoperability. Find these interim results published on Zenodo: 

Abdrabbou, M. M., Babaki, M., Boissonnet, T., Bortolomeazzi, M., Dahms, E., Fuchs, V. A. F., Hoevels, M., Kandpal, N., Möhl, C., Moore, J. A., Schauss, A., Schrader, A., Stöter, T., Thönnißen, J., Valencia-S., M., Weil, H. L., Wendt, J., & Zentis, P. (2024). NFDI4Bioimage - TA3-Hackathon - UoC-2023 (Cologne-Hackathon-2023, GitHub repository) (v1.0.1). Zenodo.


First version of the cross-site search index for bioimage RDM training material online

The team of Task Area 5 has released a first version of a search cite to quickly find useful training material on bioimaging research data management. While the site remains to be under development, you can check it out already: