Portrain Mohsen Ahmadi
copyright: M. Ahmadi

Name: Dr. Mohsen Ahmadi

Institution: Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald)

Academic background: Biochemistry and microscopy

Professional experience: I am dealing with image microscopy from plasma medicine in INP Greifswald (ZIK-plasmatis). I am a biochemist that join the NFDI4Bioimage to connect the image data microscopy to the OMERO platform by sharing our knowledge regarding the minimum data information for microscopy imaging, e.g., analysis, storage, work flow, etc. and plasma medicine, e.g., work flow, metatdata, etc.


Use Case involvements: Microscopy and plasma medicine: FAIR concepts for microscopy data in plasma medicine in order to integrate imaging and domain specific data into OMERO.

Related publications:

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