Task Area 1: Image (meta)data, Formats and Standardization

In Task Area 1 “Image (meta)data formats and standardization” the harmonization and further development of data formats and metadata standards is a central measure as this is key to guarantee interoperability with other data types and within distinct data management systems, requiring both machine-actionable and human-readable annotations. A recently developing international activity of the bioimaging community is the development of next generation file formats (NGFF) for imaging data, in which we take part. NGFF are promising candidates for a globally harmonized data format enabling among others cloud-readiness for large-scale image data. Consequently, this topic has the potential for becoming a cross-cutting topic within the NFDI. We consider this TA as the conceptually most advanced and innovative of our work programme from which we expect, in the course of the project, input that may serve as guidance for the other task areas.


  • OME.zarr
  • NGFF
  • FAIR-IO (an FDO concept)
  • RDF