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How to get involved?

The NFDI4BIOIMAGE consortium intends to foster research data management in bioimaging, providing help and services for the scientific community based on community needs.
Exchange with and integration of the community of interest is an important goal of the consortium. The inclusion of community stakeholder needs was vital for our consortium's proposal in 2021.

Since March 2023 the consortium is officially a part of the NFDI and is forming its working procedures and Task Areas. Input from and collaboration with the community remains to be a key interest of NFDI4BIOIMAGE. Within the first months of the funding period, we will establish communication and contribution channels for community stakeholders to contribute and work with NFDI4BIOIMAGE.

There are several ways to contribute and stay up to date:

Be informed

  • Subscribe to the NFDI4BIOIMAGE mailinglist
    If you wish to receive information from NFDI4BIOIMAGE in general, please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page

Provide input and feedback

  • Take part in RDM4Mic group meetings
    The Research Data Management for Microscopy (RDM4Mic) group engages in regular exchanges for members of the community working in microscopy RDM in Germany. Please check out the RDM4Mic website for information on meetings and use the RDM4Mic mailing list subscription to receive regular information and meeting links. The meetings are open and free of charge.

Contact for questions

  • For direct questions or collaboration interest, you can contact us via e-mail (see contact box).

Community Use Case

  • We aim to work together on use cases from the community dealing with issues of bioimage research data management. Try out solutions provided by NFDI4BIOIMAGE, provide feedback and exchange of experience. We will establish a Help Desk, led by a team of staff members with various expertises and data stewardship specializations. This team is currently being formed during the first year of the consortium. We will keep you posted via our mailing list!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!