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Workshop Material on OMERO now available as Open Educational Resource

Members of the NFDI4BIOIMAGE consortium recently offered two workshops on using the bioimaging research data management platform OMERO for organizing and structuring microscopy data. The material and presentations slides from both workshops (One two-day online workshop on April 29th &30th, and one on-premise workshop on May 13th) are now available on Zenodo as reusable Open Educational Material.

Are you interested in learning how to use OMERO? Besides the offical OMERO guide, and the workshops provided by the OME team, data stewards and members from NFDI4BIOIMAGE and I3D:bio offer training on adopting OMERO for the everyday practice of image data management.

Based on two workshops held in late April and early May, 2024, we have published the presentation slides and training material on our joint OMERO workshops as an Open Educational Resource:

Please also review the reusable and adjustable OMERO training material by I3D:bio:

  • Schmidt, C., Bortolomeazzi, M., Boissonnet, T., Fortmann-Grote, C., Dohle, J., Zentis, P., Kandpal, N., Kunis, S., Zobel, T., Weidtkamp-Peters, S., & Ferrando-May, E. (2023). I3D:bio's OMERO training material: Re-usable, adjustable, multi-purpose slides for local user training. Zenodo.

Are you interested in hosting an OMERO workshop at your institution in collaboration with NFDI4BIOIMAGE?
Please reach out the Project Office or our Data Stewardship Team.